Immerse yourself in the world of Virtual Reality.

With Quark, the worlds smallest VR camera, sharing your favorite moments with friends is just one snap away.

Welcome to the world of Virtual Reality!

Say goodbye to your regular photograph. With Virtual Reality you can record every moment of your life its full flow. Our Quark 360 VR Camera lets you immerse yourself in your surroundings, relive each moment as it happened and makes you experience a brand new form of photography.

Before Quark

After Quark

Share your favorite moments.
Anytime. Anywhere.

With in-bulit real-time video stitching, the Quark mobile application you can share your Virtual Reality experiences on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and all other social platforms.

Designed for everyone.

Quark fits on any Android smartphone through its type-C USB connector. With its dual-lens configuration and high speed Virtual Reality co-processor it delivers state-of-art 3K 30 FPS high resolution 360 Content.

Instant Sharing | Time-Lapse | Little Planet | Livestream | Auto Video Edit

Showcase yourself Live!

While you are traveling in the mountains or spending your evening at a birthday party. Quark lets you live stream these moments live in VR!

Seamlessly livestream your favourite moments in Virtual Reality

Three Simple Steps To Virtual Reality!




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