Quark 360 VR Camera.

One camera, one shot and thousands of possibilities. Just plug it on your smartphone and capture moments like never before!

Quark 360 VR Camera Phone Presence MR App

Fits In Your Palm. And Pocket.

Small but powerful 360 camera that makes impossible shots, possible.

Portable Quark 360 VR Camera

Experience The Power of 360 Photography.

Quark captures all your surroundings in a single shot. Move your mouse below to look around and experience the magic of virtual reality.

Capture, Edit and Live!

Three simple steps to broadcast yourself. Capture any moment in 360, edit the footage on your smartphone and go live on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and many more!

Little Planet View
Couple using Quark 360 VR Camera
Quark 360 VR Camera and Presence MR App
Presence MR App

Presence Mixed Reality App.

Quark comes with our Presence Mixed Reality Editing application. Use Presence to add cool color filters, reframe your 360 shot into impossible looking 2D videos, and share them instantly on various social platforms.

Presence MR App - Camera
Presence MR App - 360 Viewer
Presence MR App - Editing

Mixed Reality Editing.

Advanced 360 VR video editing, right at your fingertips. With optimized AI algorithms running directly on your phone, Presence brings together a suite of editing tools right on your smartphone.

Shoot First, Point Later.

Never miss any moment. Since Quark records everything at once, you can always export your favorite moment from 360 photos and videos.


Create cool animations and impossible camera movements. With in-built modes like little planet, group photo, and even cool stickers you can make every shot interesting and exciting.

360 Hyperlapse

With Presence, you can take any 360 video and convert it into cinema-quality stable shot with no cropping. Add a bit of timelapse and create 360 hyperlapse.


With Quark your face is always in focus. Use front-back to merge the grandeur of your journey with the thrill of your emotion.

And Even Augmented Reality.

Just choose the AR Camera view in our Presence Application, and bring holograms to life. Bring monsters in your shot, add 3D stickers and even turn your self into a Facemoji and express your self in a brand new way!

Virtual Reality Becomes Real.

All photos and videos captured with Quark are VR compatible. Just slide your phone into a Google Cardboard, Daydream or Samsung Gear VR and get immersed in the moment.

VR Headset
Presence MR App - Live

AR or VR Camera

The only application that allows you to create both AR and VR content. Just choose your camera and be ready to go!

Go Live With A Tap

Broadcast yourself, live in AR or VR over Facebook. Also, seamlessly browse through the best mixed reality content from around the world.

Supports Mulitple 360 Cameras

Apart from Quark, our Presence MR App also supports any USB based 360 camera in the market.

AI-based Mixed Reality Editing

Advanced editing tools allow you to take any AR or VR content and apply tons of exciting transformations.

Capture, Edit, and Share

With just three taps, you can capture any mixed reality content, edit it and share across all social platforms.

Import Any 360 VR Media

Already have 360 VR content on your smartphone. Presence imports content automatically and allows you to use the same editing features.

Quark 360 VR Camera
Presence Mixed Reality App

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Quark 360 VR Camera

Seamlessly capture and share 360 VR photos and videos.

Presence Mixed Reality

Start creating exciting content at your fingertips.

Quark Camera and Presence MR App

Quark 360 VR Camera

One camera, one shot and thousands of possibilities. Just plug it on your smartphone and capture moments like never before!

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Quark 360 VR Camera

3K Edition

$249$199 early bird offer

Quark 360 VR Camera is a great companion to record your most memorable moments. Pre-order now to get our 3K version with a carry-on pouch, all in a beautiful circular packaging.


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